Otter Lake Resources Inc. has announced that it is changing its name to Rodney Capital Inc.  Under its new corporate name and structure, the Company is acquiring two Hong Kong companies: Hong Kong New Mellow Textiles Technology Holding Co. Limited and Three Aces Advisory Limited.

“We expect this to be the first and second of several acquisitions for our newly formed Rodney Capital Inc.”, said Florence YI, the incoming CEO of the Company.  “Our strategic goal is to be primarily engaged in investment holdings through acquisitions of companies and assets in order to maximize the Company’s value for its shareholders, and provide excellent products and services to our customers, partners and clients,” she concluded.

Otter Lake (FKA Broadengate Systems Inc. -- “OTC:BROG”) formerly traded under the OTC Markets Inc. symbol OTC:OTLK.  It is in the process of making the changes necessary to begin actively trading again under its new name and symbol with its change in business operations.


New Board of Directors

LI Lai Ying Florence

Florence will also become the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Li is a Founder of Rodney Engineering Company Limited, and an experienced executive in expanding a company’s growth through acquisitions as well as financial management.  Beginning in 2017 she has been a Director of Hong Kong Liu Zu Zen Culture Society Limited.

CHAN Yui Hang Michael

Michael will also become the Chief Operating Officer of the Company.   Mr. Chan is a practicing Hong Kong CPA with advanced professional degrees including a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  As the owner of his own accounting firm since 2005, Mr. Chan will now oversee the daily operations of the Company.

CHING Wan Wah Kitty

Kitty will also become the Chief Financial Officer of the Company.   She has been a Chief Operating Officer, and a company secretary; she is a member of the Institute of Professional Accountant (IPA) Australia, the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), and the lnstitute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA).

Keep Up to date...

We will be updating our website regularly as the new corporate structure takes shape.  To keep in touch, please enter visit our website regularly.